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on the track? and not just any driver. the renowned, respected jeff gordon, called the wonder boy. tonight, he was given a big fine, but he says he had been taunted and taunted and was compelled to act. abc's david wright. >> and mayhem in the late laps. >> reporter: an intentional accident at more than 100 miles an hour. a move so controversial it all ended up in a brawl. >> somewhere in the middle of all that is jeff gordon. >> reporter: take a look again. watch the number 24 car, jeff gordon, slowing down, and deliberately pushing the number 15 car, driven by clint bowyer, into the wall, wrecking bowyer's car and his chances. other drivers are outraged. >> the retaliation is out of control in this sport and it's going to get somebody hurt. >> reporter: fans are debating on twitter. "respect for jeff gordon? that doesn't exist anymore," said one. another said, "jeff, we're behind you 100%." for these two drivers, a bitter end to a season-long feud. >> run into me numerous times. i had it. >> it's pretty embarrassing for a four-time champion. >> jeff gordon! >> reporter: the man at the center
degrees. >> and jeff gordon fines out as punishment for intentionally >> good morning. i am jacqui jeras. what start on this tuesday morning. the rain in very light across the eastern shore and into the district. to the west, a little bit heavier. coming down as much as an inch since last night. some of these red spots up around hagerstown, that is where we are getting some of those heavy showers and they will progress out to the east throughout the morning. check out some of the rain numbers. in centreville .88 inches. in germantown, 0.68. let us take a look at a couple more of those. there it is. fairfax, 0.64. spotsylvania 0.57. we have not had a good rain since sandy. 48 at reagan national. chilly 30's off to the west. a cold front is on the way. cloudy with rain and 47 at 9:00 a.m., by noon it may be a stray showers but we will clear out into the afternoon. temperatures is staying cool oilthroughout the day. >> here is a look of the 14th street bridge heading into the district everything looking good. pavement is wet. extra time needed. what commutes, you know how it gets. we will h
. late today 4 time nascar champion vallejo native jeff gordon fined 100,000 dollars and docked 25 points for deliberately wrecking clint boyer at phoenix international race weigh. he was also placed on probation through december 31. more on the road rage at nascar tonight from david wright. >> mayhem in the late lap. >>reporter: intentional accident at more than 100 miles an hour. move so controversial it all ended up in a brawl. >> somewhere in the middle of that is jeff gordon. >>reporter: look again. watch the no. 24 car jeff gordon slowing down and deliberately pushing the no. 15 car driven by clint boyer into the wall. wrecking boy's car and his chances. other drivers are outraged. >> retaliation is out of control in this sport. it's going to get somebody hurt. >>reporter: fans are debating on twitter. respect for gordon thatsn't exist any more said one. another said jeff we are behind you 100 percent. these two drivers a bitter end to season long feud. >> run into me numerous times. i have had it. pretty embarrassing. 4 time champion. the. >>reporter: man at the cente
over her husband with an suv for not voting. this is serious. >>> plus, nascar's jeff gordon will be writing a very big check over this fight. you're watching "early today." >>> plenty of other stories making news early today in america. we begin with new developments surrounding a deadly explosion that decimated an indianapolis neighborhood. investigators believe natural gas played a role in the blast but stopped short of labeling it as the official cause. over two dozen homeowners are being kept out until the investigation is complete, but on monday they were allowed to return for an hour to salvage what they could. >> i'm a retiree and with heart problems, this is the last thing i needed. >>> next to arizona where a six month pregnant woman nearly killed her husband for not voting on election day. listen to these 911 calls. >> somebody just got ran over here. >> this woman just ran down her boyfriend or husband in the parking lot. we just had a kid get hit by a car. >> somebody got hit by a car. >> police say the 28-year-old who blames president obama for her family's woes
. >>> it was an explosive finish in phoenix at a nascar race. tempers flared up after jeff gordon intentionally wrecked clint bowyer near the end of the race. it turned into the all-out brawl in the pit as bowyer's crew pounced on gordon and everyone else appeared to join in. both are expected to be penalized in some way by nascar officials. >>> some breaking news from the nba this morning, the lakers reportedly have a new coach and, no, it is not phil jackson. instead former knicks head coach mike dantoni will lead the lakers. jackson's price was a little too high according to the "the new york times." for the latest sports highlights we turn it over to our friends at espn news. >>> welcome to your sports update. i'm jorge andress. second to the last race of the season in nascar. this one at phoenix. near the end of the race, jeff gordon wrecked clint bowyer. a fight breaks out on pit road among the crew members. they had to be held back. final lap, kevin harvick coming to the finish line. danica patrick slowed on the track. harvick wins the race. multiple cars wreck. >>> to football, the battle of 7-
a battle on the track. watch this, nascar legend jeff gordon deliberately rams right into a driver. the drivers running after each other, breaking into a fist fight. >>> and good morning on this veterans day. robin is recovering. of course, her father, one of the many veterans who served this country so well for so long. welcome back to amy robach. >> thank you so much. >>> we're still learning more about the bomb shell from friday, when cia director david petraeus forced to resign after the fbi discovered his affair with paula broadwell. lots of questions of what the fbi did with the information. >>> and we have a major medical headline this morning. could there be a connection between having a fever or the flu during pregnancy and the chances of your child being born with autism? dr. besser is here to break down the new study for us. >>> also in the show, a megapluzic breakup, justin bieber and selena gomez have reportedly split. we have the new details over the weekend on what could have led to the couple's parting ways. >>> let's get to the latest shocking news that ended the c
race. jeff gordon and clint bowyer's pit crews got in a fist fight after gordon intentionally wrecked both of them. gordon was upset bowyer had bumped him earlier. nascar is thinking of disciplining both drivers for the brawl. >> nascar is big where i come from in richmond. nascar racing is pretty significant. i've always heard that jeff gordon is not one that non-jeff gordon fans can like very much. i wonder what the backlash will be against him on this one. >> let's check the forecast now. 6:21. time for weather and of course t traffic on the ones. >>> gorgeous sunrise under way. a little thin crescent moon above that. 50 at reagan national. we have it in the 40s in the rural areas where there's some patchy fog, and it's turning more humid. milder, all these areas in green in the 50s and 60s out of the mountains. that's ahead of a front that's going to be coming our way later today. we'll have that front moving in tonight. before then, we'll warm to the upper 60s by midafternoon with increasing clouds. before midnight, ought to have the rain sweeping into the metro area in the west
scale brawl. jeff gordon fined $100,000 in z.docked 25 points for wrecking clint boyer in phoenix yesterday. also placed on probation through the end of the year. >> it's being called the most chaotic nascar race of the year. sundays brawl broke out after road rage came to a head. boyer says he got too close. deliberately before you're out. >> i had had it. you know? this set up a bit. >> the pit crew attacked boyer from behind. he ran in to get in on the action he was held back. >> it's embarrassing. you know? what i consider one of the best to act like that is ridiculous. >> the crowd loved it. one posted we should thank jeff gordon for making nascar watchable again. >> sport made on site. >> these guys just tried to kill each other. >> this brawl may have a seek qeel do you think there is a retaliation due him? >> nascar says fighting on and off the strak fighting nascar, what happened was so blatant penalties will be almost certainly be handed down. >> is this double edged sword? a rubins racing. and fans love it. but then, you don't want these guys crashing into each other. >
yesterday in phoenix it looks like something out of wrestled mania. jeff gordon slows down. he did that on purpose because of all the hits he had taken the wrathy year throughout the year. 40, 50 guys go at it. look at this thing. >> looks like wrestle mania. >> crazy. jeff gordon. we have not heard the end of this. man, that was crazy. >> of their fines involved -- are there fines involved? >> there will be fines. >> thank you. you might remember seeing this dress follow the yellow brick road. >> a screaming baby, a loud snore. in-flight distractions. >> one man's trash is another man's treasure. he found $25,000 in a dumpster. >> we have some rain in the seven-day forecast. >> we have been tracking some activist and there is a problem in pasadena. hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhq >> lawmakers want to know more about who knew what and when as we learn more about the details about the scandal surrounding david petraeus. >> if a market brawl injures 3 people. i have the latest on the investigation. >> a record-setting showing by the ravens on sunday. >> another nice day on tap to start off your
. it was supposed to be the last lap at the phoenix international speedway. look what happened? you have jeff gordon and clint boyier who, by the way, have been making contact all season long. you see number 15, 24? 24 is jeff gordon. ran him deliberately into the side to have wall. and you see a couple of other cars got caught in that as well. deliberately into the side of the wall right there. they spin out, and then jeff gordon makes it back to the garage, kind of limps back to the garage. gets out of the car, jumps out of the car, now look what happens. they start jumping him, and the crew from clint boy yers jumps in, and it went onto the track, they delayed the race for 15 minutes. i mean, this thing got crazy. kevin hard advantage who won the race, he says, and i'm quoting here: this sport is -- that, by the way, is clint. he ran back from his car, but they wouldn't let him. he says the sport was made on fights, we should have more fights. they're not always fun to be in, sometimes you're on the wrong end, but fights are what made nascar what it is. clint boyer says this was embarrassing for
. and in phoenix, jeff gordon intentionally wrecked clint boyer during the race and afterward they came to blows. he was fined $125,000 and knocked 20 points. just another day at the track. brad keselowski because he is the points leader and all of the attention was diverted away from him and to jeff gordon. >> so why did he intentionally ram him. >> what gordon was trying to do, you can tip the guys from behind. he did not intend to ram himself, but those two have had an ongoing feud for years. it was inevitable. >> so i went to a fight and a nascar race broke out. >> good stuff. >> a one-ton weapon. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t
, jeff gordon waited for the revenge. look at that, gordon took out boyer's number 15 car which started this entire team -- well, to go in after gordon. but gordon's crew was able to come to his defense in time, and the brawl was on. incredible video there. slowing it down so you can take a look at it. apparently this feud started earlier in the season, and if today is any indication, it is only going to escalate. >>> as we heard in new york, new workweek in washington, new twists and turns in the resignation of the cia director david petraeus. top members of congress spoke out on the sunday shows unhappy that they were the last to know about details that were brought to life about his relationship with h biographer paula broadwell. and we hear that the house spokesman eric cantor did know, and his spokesman said he got the information from a whistle-blower. our athena jones has more. >> reporter: as more facts emerge about the circumstances surrounding david petraeus' job, so do questions. >> i have so many questions. >> reporter: like who knew what when about complaint s that paula br
, hits the round. jeff gordon and clint bowyer, going at it all day. escalated with two laps to go. gordon intentionally wrecked bowyer. joey logano gets caught. bowyer's crew went after gordon. check it out. the two sides balled in the pits. kevin harvick won the race. keselowski one race away from the championship. this is all that will be remembered from today. went to a nascar event and it turned into world wrestling. >> a crazy day in the nfl. tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and forget charles and diana, >> ama: join my tonight on cable 13. we'll find out which bay area city is the most zen in the nation. then at 11:00, forget condoms and the pill. the bay area entrepreneurs new technology that can give men a new method of birth control. all coming up. >> as we celebrate the 50th 50th anniversary of james bond, the new film is a blockbuster, earning a record $87 million. that lifts the worldwide total to $518 million since it began rolling out overseas in late october and has already passed the international take for the last two films. disney's movie drops to number two, flight
nd. two lapses to go. bowyer, jeff gordon lapped. earlier they bumped each other. here goes the melee. don't you love? >> it is hockey. >> this is what nascar is all about. but we are back to racing. kevin would win the race and then a big wreck behind him. so, brad has a 24 point lead now going into next week's season finale. that will be a tough lead to overcome. jj was going for his 6th straight, that is not going to happen. >>> you talk about the raiders going out of control, niners with this tie today. can they regroup? >> i am glad you mentioned that. >> i am here to help. >> the 49ers are coming to monday night football against the bears next monday. still regroup, yes, but they are supposed to beat the rams so, that locker room felt it was a losing locker room. >> all righty. thank you very much. >>> all right, getting parking tickets can be one of the most frustrating things on your car. it has been said you can not fight city hall. but tonight we will tell you it might be worth it if you really feel you got a ticket without just cause. that will do it for this edition of "ey
. johnson hits the wall. he finished 32nd. clint bowyer and jeff gordon wreck. it leads to this. is this great? fist are flying. it is fantastic. okay. back to the racing, kevin harvick would end the race and then bag a wreck behind him. next week season finale. crazy day in sports. >> all right, thank you very much, dennis. >>> after a week on the picket lines, a glimmer of hope. the latest on the reassumption of contract talks and why the union is telling the employees to stay the course. we will have that and more coming up in 30 minutes. >>> that is it for us. we will see you back here in half an hour and 10:00 and 11:00. updates on our web site. these two will continue to talk about ties in the nf stphraorbgs we need our own sports talk. yes. let's do it hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i
the jeff gordon and boyer at it all day. gordon intentionally wrecked boyer. the crew went after gordon and the two sides brawled in the pits. boyer was third in the point standings. kevin harvick won. one race away from the championship, but this is all that will be remembered from today's race. i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. stick around, we have plays of the day coming up at 11:00 and more from a 49ers locker room. >> the sky is the limit for >>> coming up at 11:00 over on abc7, thousands of people losing their homes because of overdue water bills. why this is happening and the company that is making millions in profits. forget condoms and pill, new technology that can give men a new method of birth control. >> bond is back at the box office and did he ever clean up this weekend. skyfall the latest pulled in $87 million. wreck it ralph came in second. flight, arco and taken 2 is back in the top five. lincoln opened $88,000 per theater three times the average of skyfall. >> you are sai seeing skyfall tomorrow. >> tomorrow. daniel craig. >> that will do it for us at 9:00.
on into it in the pit. jeff gordon and clint bowyer don't like each other, gordon had enough of it, put clint bowyer into the wall, sparking the event. though this came nowhere near the all-time standard for us nascar fans, when yarbrough and bobby allison went after it at the daytona 500. >>> and we're not necessarily talking about the left lane, women have passed men on the road in a very important way. we just learned today for the first time, more women now have driver's license, this reverses a long-time gender gap behind the wheel. the experts are predicting this will affect the american auto industry, because women drivers are more likely to demand smaller, safer and more energy-efficient cars. >>> lance armstrong has cut his remaining ties with the charity he founded. back in october you will recall he resigned as chairman of livestrong. but he kept a seat on the board. well today, he gave that up. and on his way out he posted a photo of himself on twitter, relaxing at home, surrounded by his seven tour de france yellow jerseys, representing the seven tour de france titles he has now been st
68. nascar has a listening tradition of drivers swapping paint but jeff gordon went way over the line in phoenix yesterday. this was ridiculou ridiculous. 4 time nascar champion and vallejo native fined 100,000 dollars for deliberately crashing into can children bonnie ton much of the season. most race pwroing ensues he was steer us you race hard and i get called a bleep for raising hard and called with a defendant wish. just pisses me off. i'm not yelling at you like but it's their and they should have the shame. does he have a driver's licens license. >> he looks right. they have to be careful because you are going 200 miles an hour. >> this is sufficient. yes they have taken it too far. >> that's
. scoring a goal with her face. that is a first. clint bowyer and jeff gordon wreck, leading to a fight. brad keselowski was not happy. >> [ bleep ]. that is [ bleep ]. that is all you can call that. they just tried to kill each other. i get called for [ bleep ] racing hard and i see stuff ,,,,
. plus nascar's jeff gordon will be writing a very big check over this fight. sports is next. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas! no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy most. [ woman in pet store ] it's as easy as... [ all ] one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >>> here's your "first look" at some other news going on around america today. we will begin with new developments surrounding a deadly explosion that decimated this indianapolis neighborhood. investigators believe natural gas p
scutero. jeff gordon fined $100,000, docked 25 points in the standings and put on probation for the rest of the nascar season for intentionally smashing into clint bowyer on sunday. and just all kind of an unfunny circus developed after that. bowyer chased gordon, a scuffle breaks out honest pit crew members. several other fines and suspensions were named today. and it's getting a lot like prowrestling right there. that's the sporting life and a huge 10 player trade in the major leagues between miami and toronto. we'll have that in the 10:00 news tonight. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks mark. >>> it is a product that is meant cell phones close and away from pickpockets but some say it's putting women's lives at risk. >> john fowler investigates cases of breast cancer in women who carry their cell phones underneath their shirts. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. #úfó when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdepo
was him, jimmie johnson's teammate jeff gordon won the race. keselowski finishes 15th. clinches the sprint cup championship. the first for the 28-year-old and the first for pen ski racing. >> from florida, lpga tournament of the year. choi, couldn't see the green but gets close to the hole. would birdie and tap in already par putt, 14-under on the tournament, wins by two strokes. >> ama: today was a big day for the most famous mouth in the [ male announcer ] introducing... a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. >> ama: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, one of the earliest starts ever and it's happening right here in the bay area. why so many people are in line for black friday deals. >> the first big
all keselowski had to do is finish the race and the championship was him. jeff gordon won the race, keselowski finished 15th. le the sprint cup championship, the first for the 28-year-old and the first for his team, penske racing. >> no team -- no person is, only a team can do that. and these guys up here, they make me big enough. they make you fast enough, make you strong enough to do anything we want to do, and it is because of these guys. i can't be here without them. >> mike: cal head coach jeff ted ford met with the athletic director today. no idea about his future yet. >> ama: how big a hit is >> join me tonight at 9:00 and we'll look into a monkey murder mystery. the important clues found at the crime scene. then at 11:00, storage valor as the legends surrounding navy seals grows and so does the number of imposters. a bay area man claims to be a hero. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >>> it is a hit but that's really no surprise to millions of twilight fans. >> after a 18 years of being it early ordinary, i suddenly felt like -- i was born to be a vampire. >> breaking dawn p
because a gear went. they hand the championship to brad. jeff gordon won the race. but, it was good enough to win the title for the first time in his career. johnson was prevented from winning what would have been his 6th title. >>> frank senatra, michael jackson, and steve mcqueen, three legends, what do they all have in common? >> they are hot. >> thank you. >> you stole the last one. >> i am thinking "game day." the man who will bring the pieces together on "game day". >> what do you think about tomorrow? with the 9ers match up? what do you think? >> i am going to go with the 49ers, home field match up, good for them. cutler will not get it. yes. >> keeping the rain at bay. >> yes. >> yes. we got lucky on the rain. >> yes. no wind. >> that is right. >> thank you. we will see you in half an hour, good night ,,,, for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring yo
. but jj had to pit, the gear was burning, could not fix it. and they hand the championship over. jeff gordon won the race. that was good enough to win the sprint cup title for the first time in his career. johnson was prevented from winning what would have been his 6th title. >> 4th quarter, down by 10. lee, now, give me the screen. they were within 7 points with 6 minutes left. he shot 52%. they made 13 three balls tonight. he had 25. and russell westbrook had 30 to go with 6 assists. this one, for the alley-oop. he had 16. the warriors lose 119 to 109. they drop to 5-5 on the year. game day tonight. what do michael jackson, frank sinatra and steve mcqueen have in common? only one man can tell the story tonight on "game day". >> we can not google that and find the answer? >> we have to tune in. >> you try googling it you will not find it. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >>> all right, a lot of people in the bay area, who have retrofitted their homes against earthquakes, may be living with a false sense of security. tonight at 11:00, we are shown the serious problems with a large number of
was over returning to the garage. that meant all he had to do was finish. jeff gordon won the race. >> no person is, only a team can do that. these guys up here, they make me big and make me fast and strong to do anything we want to do. it's these guys. i can't be here without them. >> coming up at 11:00, your play of the day and player reaction and a look at the 49er visa commercial. >> ama: new twilight movie ranks among the [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch mo
at yesterday's advocare 500 in phoenix. jeff gordon apparently ticked off he'd been bumped by fellow racer clint bowyer earlier in the race, intentionally caused that crash. a fight broke out between gordon and bowyer's pit crews. nascar met with both drivers after the incident to discuss what happened. they decided it's too soon to decide if either driver will be suspended. >>> d.c. united lost last night. that means united must win by at least two goals because the match series is determined by total goals. no foul was called late in the first half when a dynamo defender took down united's rafael augusto. >> what can i say? everybody in the stadium, everybody on our bench, everybody on their bench, everybody at home saw that it's a red card. if it's a takeout, it's a red card. i don't know what to say about it. >> d.c. united takes on dynamo in leg two of the series sunday at 4:00 p.m. at rfk stadium. go, d.c. united. weched wa the game with my kids. they were losing their minds, of course. they thought that should have been called as well. >> you've got to move on to the next game and d
sure they have an uniform and send it to us at eyewitness at >> 4:a50. >> what jeff gordon trading blows with members of clin >> good morning, washington. i'm jacqui jeras. what a great weekend we had and this is the last day that we are going to see mild temperatures in quite some time. you see we have a strong cold front off to the west bringing showers from the great lakes to the gulf coast. pretty clear up and down the eastern seaboard although a little patchy fog developing. watch out for that in the outlaying areas. 52 at reagan, 50 dulles 45 gaithersburg and 54 martinsburg. yesterday we got up to 71. the average is 59. keep that in mind when you see the seven-day forecast. we will have nice wind out of the south this afternoon. as the cold front approaches the clouds will increase. there could be a sprinkle this afternoon but the main event is overnight tonight when the front moves through with scattered rain showers. tomorrow we will see rain in the morning hours but we will clear out by the afternoon. here is the forecast today. patchy fog this mo
. that is a first. clint bowyer and jeff gordon wreck, leading to a fight. brad keselowski was not happy. >> [ bleep ]. that is [ bleep ]. that is all you can call that. they just tried to kill each other. i get called for [ bleep ] racing hard and i see stuff [ bleep ] like that. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> monday time for letterman. i know you missed him all weekend. >> monday is in the book. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> i will be there. >> good night. ( band playing "late show" theme
turned in to a boxing match this weekend. it all started when legendary nascar driver jeff gordon purposefully ran clint bowyer's car in last lap. after gordon jumps out of the car he is jumped from behind by crew mesneman of bowyer. full on full brawl between crews ensued. nascar has not said anyone involved in the fight will be punished. should it be allowed to go on? we go to the nascar expert. greg gutfeld. >> greg: well, i'll have you know, this isn't a brawl. this is how they do the wave at nascar. actually, they were congratulating him. this is why the g.o.p. wins wars but loses elections. >> dana: why? >> greg: i don't know. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: he didn't know anything. >> greg: this is a bunch of republicans. >> this is what romney's crew should have done to axelrod and messina. gone all out. >> dana: jumped from behind? >> eric: this is how we take care of middle america. this is the right way to do stuff. if you mess with my car we beat you up. >> kimberly: this is boxing. i want to tell you something, i'm surprised. i know jeff gordon. we used to live in the same
to go in phoenix jeff gordon intentionally wrecked clint b bowyer's car. bowyer even ran over to gordon to confront him. he was stopped by nascar officials before he got there. yes, there could be suspensions because of this. >>> atlanta's perfect nfl season is over. new orleans saints topped the falcons 31-27. falcons had a chance to go ahead late in the game but they just could not score from the 1 yard line. here it is. oh, it's painful. it's painful, it's painful. atlanta's record falls to 8-1. falcons have a shot at revenge when they host the saints on november 29th. >>> talk about a game that wears you down. did you have the stomach to watch the giants/rams game to the bitter end? then you well know san francisco 49ers kicker david akers gets a field goal with three seconds left to send the game with st. louis into overtime. but those would be the last points on the board. akers and his rams counterpart greg zuerlein had chances to win in o.t., but they could not convert. final score, rams 24, niners 24. the nfl's first tie game in four years. >>> a massive explosion destroys home
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